British singer ONUR drops his newest single “Beamin'”

British multi-instrumentalist R&B singer, songwriter and producer ONUR releases his new single Beamin’.

Originating from London and being a seasoned performer, ONUR has already played the likes of Hoxton Bar & Kitchen, Sofar Sounds, Tooting Tram & Social, Big Feastival as well as Umbria Jazz Festival in Italy. After graduating from university with a music degree and a few years spent sculpting his sound, the newly 22-year-old is about to make some serious waves on the waters of the contemporary R&B scene. With a falsetto reminiscent of Prince, combined with Jack-Garratt-like bassy beats, ONUR is a hybrid of heroes who could be referred to as a lo-fi 2018 Michael Jackson.

His upcoming debut single, Beamin’, is an electrifying self-written and produced track, setting out an intriguing and cinematic collage of audio. The song is led by a droning bass that keeps up the intensity all along, underlining the themes of relentlessly moving forward onto new frontiers and ONUR’s struggle with creeping away from old habits. “I had just broken up from an intensely long and serious relationship. The song is about moving on or at least, trying to, whilst the instrumental was also another reflection of how I was feeling. Yet, it all somehow felt very true to my sense of self at the time. Very lo-fi, very cranky, very out of line with what was deemed as acceptable and right”, explains the artist. With unusual production choices, alluring vocals and an overall dark and muffled soundscape, ONUR’s sound delves into a progression of R&B only few have ventured into before…

Beamin’ will be the first of a collection of singles to be unveiled one by one every month and leading up to an EP planned to be showcased at the beginning of next year.


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