Sophia Danai delivers her new single “Guns and Gold”

Vancouver’s Sophia Danai makes her first appearence on 1DF. The singer-songwriter started off like many other 20-year-old aspiring musicians, with the idea that fame was the ultimate goal. But after ending a tumultuous marriage and fighting her way out of a bad production deal, her view of success began to change. She found herself focusing more on her own personal path and message—letting her fans know they are not alone and that through challenges, they can learn to be more compassionate. With this new knowledge and mindset, Danai went back to school and took production/recording classes, realizing the importance of creating her own vision and defining her artistry.

Following up her debut single, Come Thru, which premiered on Billboard Magazine, Guns & Gold is a continuation of Danai’s message. It encompasses the fighting spirit she had to find within herself to continue to pursue her passion. The song is inspired by her love of MMA, she saw a likeness in the discipline and ferocious mentality needed in both industries, specifically for women. The music video that accompanies the single illustrates the power of women through physical prowess, motherhood, unity, and drive. This is the second single from her upcoming EP, Real Lies, set to be released March 2019.

Danai recorded the album at Echoplant Studios in Port Coquitlam, B.C. with award-winning producer Ryan Worsley.


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