Somedays officially debut their sound with first single “When We Left”

“If youth is like having plenty of ink and blank pages then ‘When We Left’ is about using it all just to make paper planes” muses frontman Vittorio. While that may seem cynical or apathetic, the new single from Somedays explodes with vitality through its propulsive driving rhythms, prickly guitar lines, Dylan-esque vocal rawness, and melodic pop bombast. Produced and mixed by Ian Flynn of Werkhouse Productions, who’s proved a real friend to the band, ‘When We Left’ is a heady reminder of the joys of a unique musical chemistry founded on friendship. Somedays make songwriting seem effortless, graceful, and easy. It’s the sun-drenched calling card of a group who understand that performance, personality, and feeling can often say more than a thousand words.


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