SilaS ends the wait with the release of highly anticipated LP “The Last Cherry Blossom”

If you’re truly in touch with the landscape of Mississippi’s indie music scene, chances are you’ve heard of SilaS before. The Jackson-based MC has long held a position as one of the more promising and accomplished talents in the area and it only continues. His last LP, “The Day I Died” was renowned and honored by plenty of major publications, award shows and average listeners alike. One may have wondered if he could live up to the hype with the follow-up LP, as it has been released the answer is a resounding yes.

“The Last Cherry Blossom” takes a departure from the conceptual nature found on T.D.I.D., instead opting for a lighter, more soulful sound throughout. There are quite a few instances where SilaS balances the increasingly blurred line between R&B and Rap. This works well for him though as he shows a clear affinity for any style he chooses to partake in. The project is complete and well worth the listen.

Features on “The Last Cherry Blossom” come from Aha Gazelle, Vitamin Cea, Sachmoe Phlanagan and others with production from a wide range of composers like Flywlkr, Durdy Costello, Hollywood Luck and more. The project has already made the distinction of charting in iTunes’ top 100 yesterday and will only continue to pick up steam. Dont miss the wave, stream below and let us know your favorites.


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