LoneMoon releases “Better Luck Next Time” as well as “Day By Day” visual

LoneMoon recently made a very brave and liberating statement by coming out as transgender. After premiering the first video, “Back To It,” to her just released project, Better Luck Next Time, in early September and receiving an uncomfortable amount of attention, Moon decided to finally acknowledge something he had in fact been struggling with for years behind the scenes—a secret that only family and close friends were privy too; that he was a she and was in the process of transitioning. This now public acknowledgment, which was chronicled by DJbooth so compassionately, didn’t take place without overwhelming fear, anxiety or trepidation. Yet, the courage LoneMoon has been privately displaying for years stands in pale comparison to the bravery she has shown with her public acknowledgement. She had to free herself, to truly be herself.

“Better Luck Next Time details some of my struggles. The struggle of how I focus on appeasing others, more than necessarily writing something truly for me. Even though it’s deeply personal; I touch on insecurity, dysphoria and how I have been dealing with emotions (both positive and negative). That’s partly the reason I entitled this project Better Luck Next Time, as a wish and a reminder to push myself; pushing to continue being true to myself. This project is the first step in that journey.”

In addition to releasing her new project, LoneMoon also released a new visual for “Day By Day.” Unlike her previous videos where Moon felt more at ease behind the camera self-directing her concepts and ideas, “Day By Day” displays the solace she is beginning to find to be free and herself; as she stars in the video—and just kicks it with friends.

Stream: LoneMoon – Better Luck Next Time (Project)


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