D. Horton takes inspiration from the legendary Dungeon Family on new 5-track mixtape “Dungeon Baby”

Two things I can tell you without hesitating when it comes to music is that I love D. Horton’s tunes and I love the Dungeon Family’s tunes as well. Today both sides of that spectrum meet as Horton debuts his “Dungeon Baby” mixtape, the first release of its kind for the rapper in about 5 years. Taking a departure from the soulful original sounds found on his impressive “The Sessions 2” and “The Sessions 3P” projects, he instead takes hold of some of the more popular productions from the legendary Atlanta collective.

Dave has always had a certain twang to him that is reminiscent of an Andre 3000, this tape just further cements that notion as he sounds right at home throughout the project. Helping to bridge things together is some pretty insightful thoughts about what Dungeon Family means to him and how they helped to introduce him to the culture we know as hip-hop. Assisting in the completion of the package is Treedott on mix and master duty and 3Seaven who curates and illustrates. Definitely well worth the spin so get to it below.


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