T BARZ drops her album’s title track “Genesis” as latest single

Chart-topping female hip-hop recording artist, T BARZ is back with a new single  “Genesis”. It is the title track to the recently released chart-topping album of the same name.  The album made its debut at #4 on the Amazon Music Rap/Hip-Hop charts and debuted at #10 on the New Releases charts.

“When I heard the beat, I immediately started writing to it, literally that’s how hot it was to me. I just wanted to flow and release a few things that were on my mind as far as the industry and who I am as a lyricist,” says Barz.  “When I say “you’re just a check, they don’t give a damn about your name”, that’s true facts with some of the record labels and the madness of this industry.  I’m not trying to be apart of a unit like that and I needed to get it out of my chest.  I can’t be told what to do when its against my morals and what I believe in,” she adds.   “I make that very clear in my music as a whole that what I’m spitting ain’t for sale, so you better come correct, is facts… listen closely, because everything I’m saying in Genesis is how I feel.”

“GENESIS”, the single was written and produced by T Barz and Lou Humphrey.


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