Stream The Unkown’s New Album “Healthy”


Florida hip-hop artist The Unknown has created an album perfect for the brashness of winter. Almost 20% of Americans deal with some type of mental health issue (according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness) and with The Unknown’s debut album “Healthy” he talks the dark recesses of his mind and the process of becoming “Healthy”.

This isn’t your average hip-hop album, The Unknown brings some of the trippiest, zaniest production I’ve heard this year. From the jump The Unknown is taking you on an adventure that can only be crafted from trying to figure out yourself in a world that wants you destroyed. Joints like “Medicine” are intense and in your face but point to the stronger problems that we as a society have when it comes to mental health. In an interview The Unknown did with Dead End Hip Hop he talks in-depth about how society deals with mental health and some of the dire consequences that come with misdiagnoses and more. The Unknown handles the brunt of the load on “Healthy” however there are a number of contributors from the community he’s created on this as well from Kamoi to Mr. Shellfish.


“Healthy” is a heavy album and not for the faint of heart. This album is jarring, heavy and uncomfortable, but is a record that needs to be heard by all. Those dealing with mental health issues of their own and the general population to get some type of handle on what a good portion of the world deals with.

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