Half The Animal brings us their “Magic” visual

Half the Animal have been on hyperspeed since the spring. After months in the studio with Captain Cuts (Walk the Moon, Iconapop), HTA released their first single of 2018 this May, “Too Late.” Quietly on its way to a million streams, “Too Late” is a preview of what’s in store from the HTA and Cuts mind-meld. Since opening for Smallpools this spring, Half The Animal secured a main support slot on the Lovelytheband headliner this fall and will be going out with The Night Game in December.

Their latest single, “Magic,” released August 10, has proved a surefire hit on the road. “Every night on tour, the audience would be singing the hook louder than us by the last chorus – that’s how we knew it hit on something special,” says drummer, Nick Gross. Check out a quick live video of 1500 kids proving this here.

“We love being independent, believe in ourselves and our fans, and are stoked to see if this works at radio as well as it’s been working live,” says singer Chase Johnson. “Magic” is our first glimpse into HTA’s debut project Automatic America – an exploration of a generation stuck in limbo: nostalgic for the innocence of a pre-Internet childhood, wrestling with the technology-obsessed society of today, and searching for intimacy, authenticity, and meaning in a digital simulacrum. When not on the road, the band is in the studio with Captain Cuts finishing up Automatic America, due in 2019.

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