YoungMax400 releases new project “Man On 400”

YoungMax400 is back. After releasing his debut project #DueToTheFact in 2015 and turning what he knew from the streets to the industry he made a name for himself. While planning major moves, his past came back to haunt him and had to spend some time locked up. Dealing with depression after he got out and after losing everything he had built Max had to overcome. The artist has been performing his yet to be released single Big Dawg at different shows here in Atlanta and at his #LOT83 showcase he threw in Columbia, SC. Max has released his newest teaser EP to gear people up for the release of his project #DueToTheFact2 coming in the first quarter of 2019. Man On 400 is a short 6 track EP that has features some of the FreeDopeGang members and DruggOfChoice. With his team behind him, all he can do is go up. He is also planning a #Lot44 showcase in January. Stream Man On 400 below.


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