IRAI Ouree calls upon Sazé & Solid Khuf  for new single “Golden”

Our old friend from down in Baton Rouge, IRAI Ouree, is back with some new heat. Wrapping up a strong 2018 campaign that saw his sound catch on further throughout the south this record acts as the perfect ending to his chapter. Joining him on it are his Almighty labelmates Sazé and Solid Khuf, who help with hook and verse duties, respectively.

This was one of my most organic collabs. The producer Luke4President contacted me via SoundCloud and offered to send me a beat because he thought I would sound good on it. When I heard it I knew immediately it was a banger. I got my bros Sazé and Solid who I already have a chemistry with on the track. We linked and recorded the track in about 30 min. Everybody went in and laced there parts with the appropriate swag. It was an amazing experience to have 4 minds in sync on this track it was golden.

This chemistry shines in full with just one listen, as the catchy track finds each artist doing their part with ease. It also once again shows the versatility of IRAI Ouree who seemingly takes a different approach to every song he is on. As the year winds down this is one of those feel-good, energetic tracks fit for your holiday parties when it’s time to crank the mood up.

IRAI Ouree is putting the finishing touches on his new project “Just Because” which is set to arrive in early 2019. In the meantime enjoy this single from the upcoming release and let us know if you’re feeling it. Stream in full below.

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