Tae Bae, Tampa’s most anticipated artist is fresh out and dropping new heat with Cheeze Beatz

Tampa, Florida and the surrounding area is considered a beautiful place to live and visit; a popular tourist destination thanks to its geographic location, the nearby beaches of St. Petersburg and Clearwater and tourist attractions that include Busch Gardens and professional sports arenas. This lush western point of Florida is also home to rapper, Tae Bae. Born Dante Keller, Tae Bae was raised on the East side of Tampa and began rapping at the early age of 9.

Growing up in the hood of East Tampa, Tae was raised in the midst of a robust and vibrantly growing city with rapidly growing crime. Tampa’s death toll and homeless rates started to rise as neighborhoods were being gentrified and lower income families were being forced out of their homes. Like many other young men in this situation, Tae took to street life as means to make a way for himself and others.

With his desire to continue down the path he started almost 7 years ago, Tae Bae jumped right into the booth and dropped a hot new single, “First Day Out” produced by CheezeBeatz. Tae and Cheeze have worked well together in the past, so it was no question these two would cook up something mean for the streets.

In just a few weeks since his release, Tae Bae has been working hard in the studio to deliver a sound that both pays homage to his roots, but also creates a path forward. Tae Bae, which means “Tampa Bay”, knows that as he elevates his craft, he will also elevate his city. “I am Tampa, so where I go, the city going with me.”


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