Geedomane releases Afraid” video

Chicago artist Geedomane presents the Tusk-directed music video for “Afraid”, the lead single from his debut EP Vanquish. Beginning his musical journey on the bass guitar before expanding his skill set to electric guitar, beat production and rapping, Geedomane wrote, recorded, performed, mixed, mastered, and produced_Vanquish_ entirely alone. Geedomane is also an accomplished photographer (website). “‘Afraid’ is about heartbreak and the pain that comes with of overcoming it in hopes of everything turning out better than it once was,” Geedomane says. “I was deeply in love at one point and now my old lover has moved on, I am afraid that I will never experience a love like that with anyone else. I am afraid that the next person I will be with will not give me the same feeling I once felt and would only serve as a comparison to what used to be. This is something for anyone looking to move on from a past lover.”

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