Lavaado aims to get you dancing on latest single “In and Out” featuring AC Bonifacio

After hundreds of submissions and millions of views for his internationally successful #SwitchItUp dance challenge, 17-year-old Atlanta rapper Lavaado teams up with AC Bonifacio for a new song, “In and Out.” The track is available on Spotify and YouTube via AC’s Ivory Music label. AC, a Canadian-born, Philippines-based dancer, singer and actress, and Lavaado met online. “The collab with AC came about when she made a tutorial to ‘Switch It Up’ on the One Music PH Youtube Channel and I reacted to it,” the Shiloh High School senior explains. “Then, I DMed her and asked her if she wanted to collab on a song with me. She replied, ‘I’m So Down.’ Then, we went from there.” The Philippines has had a major impact on the success of the #SwitchItUp challenge. The popularity of the song in the country led to the dance craze being featured on three national Filipino TV shows ASAP Natin, Showtime and Eat Bulaga! “Switch It Up” is making traction in India as well. Indian actress and dancer Avneet Kaur, who stars as Yasmine in the Indian television series Aladdin – Naam Toh Suna Hoga, has performed the challenge on her Instagram page that has 3.3 million followers. “The International love is crazy, especially from the Philippines,” Lavaado says. “It’s starting to grow across India, Asia, Australia, and some of London.”

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