Here’s To You liberates new EP as well as “Burning Alive” visual

NY-based indie pop/rock band Here’s To You have released their brand new EP, “Wonder/Wander: Phase I” out on all digital platforms. The EP serves as one out of three to be released throughout 2019, ultimately leading up to the reveal of their new LP, “Wonder/Wander,” due out later in the year. The three EPs, which they have coined ‘Phases’, are the result of three plus years in the studio, creating a body of work that represents the band’s current synergy. Phase I’s tracks create a diverse collection, while also maintaining what built Here’s To You nearly ten years ago. Their first music released since 2015, Here’s To You have given their groovy indie rock sound a refreshing update and expanding their craft. Their signature sound is still present – the lead single “Burning Alive” is built around HTY’s meticulous guitar work, crisp vocals, and quality tones – but in 2019, their musicianship has matured. It’s impossible to not be curious about Here’s To You’s future releases; they are back, they are here, and the band is ready to unravel what they’ve been keeping a secret. About “Wonder/Wander: Phase I”, the band states:

“Coming back after taking 3 years to write a record isn’t easy for anyone. But the 4 of us have such synergy when writing with each other, and this crazy ability to understand each others ideas and improve upon them without much communication. If it wasn’t for that, I’m not sure if HTY would still be making music. With the change in sound from our last record to this – we’ve let ourselves be exposed to so much more life and really tried to just do what we think was best for the release of “Burning Alive”. We spent so much more time on lyrics than ever before, really trying to paint images in the best way we could. We sincerely hope it shows.”


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