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First Day Feature: Chris Tha Menace breaks down his musical process, talks upbringing and more

Coming from Columbus, Georgia by way of Lake Providence, Louisiana is upcoming MC Chris Tha Menace. Carrying a sound deeply rooted in both the joy and pain a rough upbringing can provide, the bubbling talent has been catching more and more ears with each release added to his catalog. Below we take the time out to chat with the artist about his music, inspirations, goals for the future and much more.

To start things off for anyone getting their introduction to you, who is Chris Tha Menace?

Chris Tha Menace is a real rap artist with a passion for music and a real story to tell.

Being someone who grew up in a few different cities myself I understand how that can affect someone’s upbringing. How have your experiences in both Providence, LA and Columbus, GA helped to shape who you are now?

As far as music it helped me to learn how to do alot on my own. Support Is almost hard to find for any upcoming artist, but its that much harder when majority of ya family and true childhood friends in a whole different state. It’s kind of hard to build a real team in a city where nobody has real ties to you. So like I said it taught me how to learn how to do alot on my own and expect my path to be a lil harder than somebody who might do the same thing me.

On your song “Self Motivated” you kind of discuss how rough things were for you growing up for you. If you could change any of it would you? Why or why not?

If I could change any of it, it probably would be the knowledge I have now verses then because I could of did more musically and cut out a lot of wasted time and money, but at the same time the knowledge came from the struggle and it made me who I am today.

The song comes from a pretty honest space and I like that. Do you make it an emphasis to put some of your life story into your music often or was it just something that came naturally in this instance?

I try to put my life story in most of my songs cause I feel like it set me apart in a game where most artists talk about the same thing & I feel like telling a story thats unique to myself is what makes me me as an artist.

If you had to describe your sound fully for someone who has never heard you what would you say?

Real life motivational music.

I personally think that although your sound is pretty street oriented you show a good bit of potential in your versatility. You take a bit of a melodic approach on “Kill’Em All”. How do you tend to go about making your music? Take us through the process?

If you go way back to my first mixtape you would hear that I always kind of had a sometimes raw rap sometimes melodic approach. It really just depends on what the beat brings out of me. For me personally, a good beat when I hear it, almost automatically taps into a certain story in my mind and bring it to light.

I hear you take inspiration from artists like Wayne, Soulja Slim & 50 Cent. What about each of those artists do you admire and try to take note of in your own rise?

For Wayne I like his love for music. Its like my own. I like how he put his all into anything he rap about and you can hear it no matter what he rapping about whether money, drugs, or women. For Soulja Slim I like how real he was, and when 50 cent was like a second coming of Tupac when he was hot.

What has been the most surprising thing you’ve learned about the music industry to date?

Everything aint what it seem.

What is your favorite part of being an artist? What have you found to be the most challenging part?

My favorite part about being a artist is the unique way I get to express myself and have people interested in hearing it. The most challenging thing is so many people do it now days.

With 2019 still being so fresh what are 3 major goals you want to accomplish if possible this year?

Perform in a sold out show, make it on Worldstar, & probably land a feature with a big name.

Is there anything your fans may need to be on the lookout for from you and your camp in the near future?

As of now a lot of new music, videos, and show dates.

If you had to choose one song that is the best you have created which would it be and why?

Its a song I haven’t released yet called “Cry When I Die”. I feel like its the realest song I’ve wrote so far.

Is there anything else you want to share with the readers before we conclude?

Be on the lookout for Chris Tha Menace in 2019 I got so much planned that I think gone take the game by storm. If you haven’t already subscribe to my YouTube and follow me on all social media. All you really have to do is type in my rap name. Its so distinct you should find me…

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