Eso.Xo.Supreme Drops The Official Video For “The Loveless (Hitlist)” | @EsoXoSupreme @AyeBromar

Watch the red light visuals from Portland, Oregon based artist Eso.Xo.Supreme produced by Bromar!

New music video release from Eso.Xo.Supreme will leave you spellbound.
Eso.Xo.Supreme delivers a new video for a 2018 EP release, The Loveless (Hitlist) produced by Bromar.
Noir vibes, striking visuals, techno-laced beats, and signature vocals from the Portland R&B artist will have viewers enthralled in The Loveless.
To learn more and stay connected to everything Eso.Xo.Supreme has brewing check him out at

Directed by: Shiner Pacific x Eso.Xo.Supreme

Shot & Edited by:

Drone & Camera:

Assistant Camera:…

Producers: x


Stylist & MUA:


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