The Great Escape releases new single “Possibilities”, first new track off upcoming 3rd album Pulsing Synchronicity  

About to return with its third full-length Pulsing Synchronicity, an album to be released as a series of stand-alone singles throughout 2019, Venice-based trio The Great Escape unleashes brand-new track “Possibilities” this week – an incredibly sweet and sexy, psychedelic trip that zooms in on life’s countless possibilities.

Back with a brand-new, seductively minimalist sound that’s nevertheless still raw around the edges, “Possibilities” perfectly encapsulates The Great Escape’s new approach: playful, sexy and flirtatious, the single manages to feel confident and mysterious at the same time. Whereas singer Hanna Leess’ voice sounds more like a modern-day northern fairy queen (think Icelandic mic slinger 2019), it’s a psychedelic underwater tune that, in its eclectic minimalism, mirrors the countless possibilities we face as human beings – and the resulting uniqueness of each moment that passes.

Boasting lush and warm production, “Possibilities” comes with all sorts of surprising, quirky elements: Slowly drifting through the aquatic maze, the Rhodes are somewhat reminiscent of Jim Morrison’s hey-days, while early hip-hop roots shine through in Leess’ experimental call-and-response lyricism (featuring cat meows!). A shape-shifting and bubbling sound collage that also incorporates classic movie samples, Mellotron harps, guitars, and a Theremin, it’s an irresistible 4-minute trip through a futuristic wonderland of sonic opportunities…

Releasing the new album as a series of stand-alone tracks over the course of 2019, The Great Escape continue to break new ground visually as well: The cover art to “Possibilities” is the first in a series of 9 original artworks created to accompany each track (8 tracks plus album cover) – a spectacular collaboration with up-and-coming artist Gino Belassen from Phoenix, AZ that is going to see its gallery premiere once all tracks are unleashed. For the new single, Belassen concentrated on a fittingly minimalist palette, relying on fingernail scratches that reveal dark layers underneath a pink surface.

Born out of what the band refers to as “the Venice tribe, our Venice Beach community of fun artist & surfer friends,” The Great Escape comprises Kristian Nord (drums, bass, production), Malte Hagemeister (guitars, production), both originally from Hamburg, Germany, and Connecticut-born, Berlin-based singer Hanna Leess (“My God Knows How To Cry”). Whereas previous albums The Great Escape (2014) and Universe In Bloom (2017) saw them explore the more retro-loving, soulful regions of music history, essentially nodding to personal heroes such as Nina Simone, The Beatles, and Jimi Hendrix, the release of “Possibilities (LMBY Fantasy)” marks a giant step for the band – because its sound is 100% unique, 100% The Great Escape.

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