Keys and Vices induce “Chronic Nostalgia” on their new EP

Sacramento-based indie rock band Keys And Vices have released their new EP “Chronic Nostalgia,” available on all digital platforms now. An album created on raw emotion, lead vocalist Jennifer Valdez began writing the tracks after experiencing a painful life event. Fueled by this emotion, Keys And Vices created a straight-forward, in-your-face, powerful rock sound, with the end result being “Chronic Nostalgia.” Tackling lyrical topics such as personal vices, death of love, and illness, Keys And Vices successfully captures their essence in all eight tracks.

“About “Chronic Nostalgia”, the band states:“Chronic Nostalgia, is a blueprint for everyone who’s ever had to survive heartbreak. It reminds the listener that love doesn’t belong to them, they belong to it. This isn’t an album about love in the classic sense. The pain of a heartbreak comes from many places – the death of a loved one, betrayal and abandonment of a soulmate, or your own vices that destroy the possibility of triumph.”

Keys And Vices, is an indie rock band that is built on powerful vocals, intimate songwriting, and dynamic melodies. Drawing from sporadic influences such as Foo Fighters to Alabama Shakes, and Jeff Buckley to Elton John, the songs tour through diverse musical genres. The backbone of Keys And Vices, Jennifer Valdez, is a brilliant and ambitious musician, singer/songwriter. Jennifer’s ability to evoke genuine emotion through her music and lyrics, take the listener on a storybook bender, sans the reading glasses. With the eclectic sounds and raw energy of Kevin McCarty on bass, and the effortless offbeat meets hard rock drum styling of Kristopher Ayala, these exceptionally talented musicians have merged 3 different musical backgrounds to create one captivating band. When asked “what does ‘Keys And Vices’ mean?”, Jennifer Valdez answers, “the passion to create what you love, should above all, outweigh the compulsion to drown in vices.” Keys And Vices’ new EP “Chronic Nostalgia” is available on all digital platforms now.


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