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Amir Beats drops new single “Wanna Be Rich”

Jersey City, NJ-based Amir Beats presents “Wanna Be Rich”, the new self-produced single from his new album Second Chance. During nine years spent bouncing between prison and mental hospitals after a mental illness induced by his Iraq War experience caused him to kill a man, the Houston, TX native received a bachelors in Social Science, sold contraband to pay for two songs to play on ten commercial radio stations, released a series of mixtapes (stream the Tru Story mixtape), and released a music video he shot in his hospital room on Worldstar HipHop. After his release he dropped gospel albums under the name Brian Psalms (read his interview) and began his career as Amir Beats, releasing visuals for “A Real Man” (Youtube) and “Make You Proud” (Youtube). A producer, composer, rapper, singer, drummer, actor, audio engineer, DJ, and videographer, he releases remixes of popular songs on his Soundcloud page every Friday (stream Amir’s remix of Kodiak Black’s “Pimpin Ain’t Eazy”). Amir calls his new single “self-explanatory. I just wanna be a rich nigga.”

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