Mangoseed comes from London with politically-charged single “Still Believe”

As a new year unfolds to an increasingly troubling socio-political backdrop, London roots-rockers Mangoseed face up to the fear and hate with a homage to love in all its forms. Celebrating the influence of song as a means of protest, empowerment and unity, frontman Nicholai La Barrie delivers his proclamations by way of a potent vocal melody atop the quartet’s heavyweight alliance of enormous bass, ethereal guitar and classic dub in the tradition of Black Uhuru, King Tubby and Mad Professor, all driven by the percussive thrust of rastafarian Nyabinghi rhythms.

Defying the populist idiot-men in seats of power from eastern Europe to Italy, from Brazil to the White House, Mangoseed place their faith in truth and in youth, as revealed in the audio clip that closes ‘Still Believe’, which was produced by Sam Dyson at Free House Studios, Bristol. “I see hope in the youths,” says Nicholai, emphasising this parting shot. “I see the hope in me singing our truth into existence.”


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