The High Plains Drifters Debuts Kris Vanderheyden Assisted Remix of “Jennifer Aniston”

Everyone’s favorite new avant-garde band, The High Plains Drifters, turned their Americana roots into a quirky, energizing beat in the remix of their latest single “Jennifer Aniston”. The song received a high-spirited makeover from world renown producer Kris Vanderheyden, the same Vanderheyden that launched Belgian techno and nostalgic dance music that pays tribute to 90’s vibes in addition to artists such as Blondie.

The band’s new self-titled debut album is produced by Greg Cohen who has worked for Justin Timberlake, Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera and more. Alongside the tracks new reverberating bass and bubbly beat, the song also boasts pop sensibilities and their traditional alternative flare. The song’s other vibrant quality is its tongue-in-cheek verses. Lead singer Larry Studnicky professes his love for Jennifer Anniston using poetic verses throughout the track. “I was here waiting, while you were out dating,” he expresses passionately. The remix is part of the band’s new self-titled concept-album, which takes listeners on a roller coaster through the tracklist’s varied music genres. The song’s impressively imaginative new music video is also set to be released soon; just another thing to look forward to.  The NYC four-piece is composed of lead-singer Larry Studnicky, as well as instrumentalists and vocalists Charles Czarnecki, John Macom and Mike DoCampo. Prior to forming The High Plains Drifters, all band members worked with a robust roster of legendary musicians including Pete Townsend, Roger Taylor of Queen, Fred Schneider of the B-52’s, and Mickey Dolenz of the Monkees. The members fatefully found their way to each other and committed their creativity to crafting unique songs to depict compelling stories.

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