Jay Lyriq brings his new “Schedule” video

Tallahassee Hard N B vocalist Jay Lyriq brings the truth in his latest music video, “Schedule,” released today. The singer and songwriter who got his start co-writing platinum records with childhood friend T-Pain fills a void in the R&B landscape with transparent admissions of mistakes he’s made in relationships and grown and sexy production.

Those who have ever taken a relationship for granted or vice versa will relate to Jay’s “Schedule” produced by Geo Hall. In the song and video, Jay explains the actions that led to him losing his ex to another man. “The video just showcases what happens in situations when you don’t pay attention or when you neglect somebody who’s been there for you and you think they won’t go anywhere, that they won’t leave because you’re doing all these things,” Jay explains about the visual directed by Ty Williams Jr. “Then, you look up and they’re with somebody else. It was tough because it’s reality. It’s what happened to me.”

In the song lyrics, Jay admits the breakup was his fault, singing, “All she was saying was, ‘Schedule me in, please put me on your calendar, just give me some time.’” “Schedule” follows the April release of Jay’s music video for “Cupid 2.0,” a well-received interpolation of the 1990s 112 classic “Cupid.” “Cupid 2.0” has been reposted on Complex’s SoundCloud page and covered on YouKnowIGotSoul, EURWeb, The Hype Magazine, Hip Hop on Deck, Urban Bridgez and Right On! Digital, among other outlets.

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