FYKE hopes to get through the trauma in “Antisocial” visual

California/K-rock band, FYKE is thrilled to announce their new album, Disorderwill be released on July 26th via Steel Wool Entertainment, Universal Music Group International and Empire Records. To celebrate they have released the first single, “Antisocial” along with the music video that is featured exclusively oPopMatters. The video was directed by Brad Wong.

Fyke’s Enik Lin explains, “’Antisocial’ is about living with social anxiety disorder due to a past traumatic experience or PTSD. We’re hoping that by highlighting and talking about these issues through our music, that we can begin a “much needed” dialogue that needs to be had regarding mental health awareness.”

Billboard premiered the band’s recent collaboration with Amber Liu “Get Myself,” calling the song and video “a moving synth-pop production” to “emphasize self-love” saying “FYKE vocalist Enik Lin and Amber trade off fluttery vocal notes as they detail an unwillingness to change in the face of identity confusion.” The video has already garnered over 370,000 YouTube views.

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