Nova Moura pops up with new release “You’re Dumb”

Nova Moura‘s music explores themes of isolation, intimacy, and vulnerability. On “You’re Dumb,” the enigmatic Cincinnati soul artist dissects fickle relationships to an acoustic R&B backdrop that lays itself bare. Premiered by Ones To Watch, the song is now available on all digital streaming platforms today.

This is my first release in a few months and this is really just a song about anyone who has turned their backs on me while I was gone. Life can hit you and that’s usually when you find out who is in your corner and who’s not, that’s the sort of inspiration for this one. It really doesn’t take make much for people to show you their true colors; whether it be family, friends, girlfriends, etc. What makes someone give up so fast? Want to see you fail? Why is it so hard for us as humans to have decency and want the best for each other even if it doesn’t benefit you? These past few months I have had a lot of people come and go and honestly the only thing I have to say to anyone who feels like they’re better than me or they will be better than me…. you’re dumb.” – Nova Moura

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