Troi Irons drops her “Lost Angels” visual

Edgy rock musician Troi Irons new music video “Lost Angels” is out now and and featured in Parade MagazineThe music video was directed by Tori.

Troi says, “The Lost Angels video is me creating images and tropes I couldn’t find anywhere else. You know when you google “black model,” you get all these tropical colors, girls in jungles and leaves and orange… it’s so one-dimensional. I directed this video, hoping the images I make end up on someone’s moodboard. Steal my shit – I don’t care. This is what it’s like to be black and coming of age in the city of angels, in the middle of the shady entertainment industry, and going to school making decisions that will change the rest of your life.”

Lost Angels” is the second single that Troi has released this year. Her first single “Strangers” is out now as well and has received praises from Flood Magazine and Live Nation’s Ones To Watch

Troi Irons is music’s gifted anomaly. She is female in a genre where they are few and far in between; still she manages to stand out from the rest.  What’s different about her makes her special. You can hear and see it in her vulnerability with the gripping lyrics along with having raw and realness in her sound.  All she does is music and she hopes that the simplicity she showcases makes an impact on her fans as much as it does for her. What you see is what you get with Troi Irons and the music she creates.

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