Review: Mookey Montana goes to war with all doubters on “Battlefield” LP

The act of expression is one that is very needed in life. Keeping things bottled up in your mind can be a bad thing so finding a way to express that is vital for mental clarity. Whether it be writing it out, therapy or just having a friend always ready to lend an ear, one must find their outlet and use it to their advantage.

Jackson rapper Mookey Montana uses his music as the outlet for his own trials and tribulations. As an artist he has a way of conveying his thoughts not only lyrically but with his penchant for using melodic range in his tunes. His latest project “Battlefield” is a prime example of this. In regards to the album Mookey stated the following:

“The music was inspired by my past experiences like my blind mother finding a way to provide for our family in spite of her disability. Even losing close friends to the streets either by death or incarceration, as well as my current surroundings and situations in the city of Jackson.  My mindset is focused on creating a musical vibe that people can enjoy and relate to while expressing all the feelings from the good and the bad I have experienced or seen.”

Things start off with the intro, a dialogue about a lion in the jungle. This is fitting as it pairs with not only the artwork for the LP but also the theme and mindset for which Mookey takes throughout it. It leads into the title track, “Battlefield”. On this track we hear Mookey Montana lay out some of the battles that he faces on his grind on a daily basis. This includes watching his back from the haters and doubters out there.

The theme of watching out for haters continues forth on “Snakes”. Mookey uses the metaphor of cutting the lawn to keeps snakes away in a similar way to how he keeps his aura clear by keeping those without his best interest far away. “Payback” follows and is a proclamation of turning the tables on anyone who didn’t ride with him on the way up. The celebratory nature of this one is pretty infectious.

“On Site” is another catchy entry in the set list of “Battlefield”. I’m a big fan of the hook here and as with most of the production on the LP 808 Fetish creates a nice palette for Mookey Montana. He once again shows the Lion-like aggression in his flow as he attacks the track, particularly on the last verse.

“Still Here” carries the feel of victory when you hear it. There is just something about being able to look at someone who told you you couldn’t do something and look at them after you actually do it and smile. That’s the mindset you find Mookey Montana in here and it works well on the record.

Mookey Montana switches the vibe a little bit on “Molly”. While still carrying an upbeat tempo, he somehow is able to approach the beat with a more controlled and paced flow that he uses elsewhere on the record. The flow in specific makes it one of the tracks I found more enjoyable on the “Battlefield”.

“Memories of My Enemy” is arguably my favorite track of all on the LP. It’s here where I feel Mookey shows a perfect mixture of melody, lyricism and just overall replay value. I found myself pressing repeat on this single more than any other on the project. Good fit for the club and radio in my opinion.

Mookey makes it clear how unfazed he can be by the ladies on “Feelings”. With another catchy hook to boot, the MC let’s his muse know that she will not be a problem in his life. Sometimes you just have to say “fuck your feelings” when in the situation to do so. That’s just what  happens here. I must note this is one of my favorite beats on “Battlefield”.

“Dolphin” finds Montana pulling the cards of those who may be less than authentic. As someone who stands on his words, Mookey understandably wants others to do the same. Anyone with street sense knows this simply is not the case though. Props to the artist for making a creative simile out of everyone’s favorite sea animal.

We start to reach the latter portion of “Battlefield” with “Dumb With The Money”. As you may be able to assume from the title it’s an opportunity for Mookey Montana to flex a bit. He does a good job at it too with more of the slick flows that are consistent throughout the LP. “Wrap It Up” follows and will instantly bring back memories of the epic fight between Migos and the Everyday Struggle crew. The record is strong, particularly on the verses, as Mookey seems to switch through flows every few bars with minimal effort. Not everyone can capture that type of swagger on wax without it seeming forced.

“On Baby” closes out the project. This one features Mookey using his melodies in full on the hook. Lyrically he begins the song almost conversational in nature, rhyming as if he is speaking directly to you and not as if it’s a song. I like that touch. I would say for the tracks picked for this LP it was the best fit to close it out.

With “Battlefield” Mookey Montana is able to truly exhibit what he is best at. He has a real knack for melodies and creative rhyme schemes. Combine his eccentric style with high quality production and engineering and it makes for a good combination. My biggest gripe with “Battlefield” is a longing for more diverse subjects and topics. At times it feels as though he kept things too simple when his talent clearly shows he can think outside of the box more. All things considered though Mookey Montana brings a strong project to the forefront that is perfect for your summertime turn-up sessions.

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