Willie D. Tha Kang acts as your audible chef on new “Tha IV Course Meal” set

If you’ve been following blog favorite Willie D. Tha Kang and his music you should know things have been a bit quiet lately. Since the release of singles like G.P. and NII things have slowed down. This comes from a combination of things like legal troubles and a dedication to other projects like his II Cocky clothing line. Luckily for fans like me that all changes today.

Today marks day one of Willie D. Tha Kang’s “Tha IV Course Meal”. For this he comes with the unique idea of offering up a full palette of tracks over the course of a week. Knowing his fans have been starving for new content, Willie D. is prepared to kill the cravings and hold off the starvation ahead of his upcoming LP. In regards to it all the MC said the following:

“From my love of food and music is how my album “free sample” came about. This follows that same love. I’ve attended restaurant week in many cities and each course the chef or server tells you the origin of the meal. They will break down the chef’s thought process in creating the meal. So with this project, which basically serves as an appetizer to my upcoming album, I just wanted each course/track to have a different vibe but collectively still stand as one. “Cruizin” is that soup or salad that gets you rolling, feeling good & anticipating the next course. “The Northside” is like that fire ass appetizer that holds you over but doesn’t fill you up. It leaves you anticipating that entree, which is “PULL UP!” When I see that filet mignon with bleu cheese crust accompanied by South African lobster tails I get crunk as FUCK!! So now I anticipate my listeners are sitting pretty full, all aspects touched in a short period but now you need that good relaxing dessert to ease into that euphoric realm. Not too full that you’re uncomfortable, just perfect , food can be soothing when done the right way & music is no different.”

The meal kicks off with “Cruizin”. This one is perfect for summer as a sample of Smokey Robinson’s classic “Cruisin'” acts as the backdrop. It’s damn near impossible to mess up such a sample and Willie D. does his job to make sure he indeed does it justice. Franchise Tief and Marz join the Jackson native to help round out the record.

Course II arrives as an ode to the Northside of Jackson. Bucket and Willie D. Tha Kang craft a catchy anthem for everyone to rep their side to. Another entry that’s a perfect fit for the summer heat.

The third course Willie D. Tha Kang provides is “PULL UP!”. This one features Y.L. Hippie and is a ball of energy from start to finish. It’s a bit of a break from the norm for the MC but also a welcome change. No one wants to listen to the same song over and over and I commend Willie D. for stepping outside of his ultra-cool comfort zone.

Things conclude on a more personal note with “Say Less”. Here we get to see Willie D. Tha Kang taking time out to give us a more introspective look at some of the things he deals with. His daughter Kingsley Tha Kang joins him to add some motivation and perspective that elevates the record. It’s a perfect closer to “The IV Course Meal”

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