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First Day Feature: D.O.L.O. speaks on the adjustment of fatherhood, “Ovay” album and more

Historically speaking, MC’s repping the south have not always gotten their props for being strong lyricists. There are some exceptions like Andre 3000 or even a peak Lil Wayne but for the most part it’s been an uphill battle in that department. It’s just tougher for them to earn the respect of some Hip-Hop fans. That being said, there really is no lack of lyricism to be found below the Mason Dixon if you know where to look.

One of the strongest lyricists coming from Mississippi is D.O.L.O.. The Michigan-born transplant has established himself as one of the premier bar writers for years now. With his album “Ovay” he only reaffirms this with some of the more personal music of his career. This was largely spearheaded by him finding love and bringing a son into this world. With so much going on for him over the course of the last year we sat down to discuss it all in the Q&A below:

For anyone getting their introduction to you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m an artist out of Jackson by way of Saginaw, Michigan. My name is D.O.L.O. which means Dieonceliveonce. My brother gave it to me when I was young. I’ve been doing music for about 8 years now and still growing my brand and knowledge.

So at 8 years you can clearly consider yourself a vet. You do say that you’re still growing your knowledge though. What or who are some of the sources you go to to learn more about things? Also what is one of the more recent things you’ve been able to learn


Absolutely man a lot of my musical  knowledge comes from my big brothers Martin Swoll White and Dolla Black. Also my guy Jones and Q Dot Davis. What it has taught me is the art of songwriting, what applies and what doesn’t and how to profit most off my decisions.

So with that being said how did all of that advice play a role in how you moved with your latest project?

It helped me to buckle down and focus on the meaning and direction of records! Most of my projects are stories and fun but I wanted this to be more personal. I wanted this to show my versatility because I truly believe I’m the best ever from my city.

What do you think it is about your music that makes you the best and separates you from the pack?

My voice separates me from the others, there has never been anybody like me. A lot of my fans say when I rap I control the room. I think I bring a level of genuine love and real ness to music. It separates me from others cause I always been about just being me.

What was the process like creating your album? What made the journey different from all of your other projects?

It was deep and emotional, I had a son and found my queen which gave me a different light and perspective. I wanted the right beats and tones and lyrics, I wanted the story to be perfect.

Do you feel like you nailed the story in the manner you had hoped?

Absolutely man! My lady smiled and my family is happy!

How has fatherhood been for you? I started 1DF around the time of my son’s birth so I know how inspiring the little ones can be.

Man it’s been fun!! Life is better when you see your small creation grow into their own little self!! I’m so proud of him already and pray every day that he is greater than me and the things around him.

What do you think you’ve learned most about yourself as a result of his birth?

How protective and confident I could be! I’m super motivated in being a great example and teacher.

Switching gears back to the music. What do you think is the best song you’ve created and why?

I think the greatest song I created was due date because I shed tears making that song. It was dedication to my son and something I will always be proud of!

That track is very vivid too. Was It hard for you to articulate the way you did on there or any easier since it came straight from the heart?

It was much easier it always a message I had in my heart when I had my first child.

What do people need to be on the lookout for from you in the near future?

A lot of collabs with people in the state like DONO Vegas, Coke Bumaye, Tito Lopez and many more.

Any last words to wrap things up?

I’m excited for 2019 and what’s to come! This is my year! They already know who the man the myth the legend is! I’m coming! Ovay!

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