Peyton List delivers debut music video “Don’t Cry”

This is Peyton List’s debut music video and she was really in the driver seat for the entire video production process. She directed and produced and conceptualized the creative behind each scene. Having a visual and telling a dramatized story behind the song was an incredible experience for the actress and vocalist.

The 21-year-old media darling, who has over 16 million followers on Instagram alone has appeared on magazine covers, in national fashion ads, starred in feature films and has even hosted an event at the White House. You may know Peyton List on the fan-favorite Disney’s Jessie and Bunk’d .  

The beauty brand TOO FACED, was weaved in throughout Peyton’s music video. It fit the video’s aesthetic, and was a great prop for most of the video. Peyton is the face of the brand’s “better than sex” eyeliner so the actress and vocalist, naturally incorporated the brand into the video to identify her on-going commitment as their brand ambassador.

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