Portland Rapper Cramebroolay Explores On His New Video “Blurs Of Clour” | @Cramebroolay

Cramebroolay is originally from the suburbs of Sacramento CA. However he has been located in Portland Oregon for the last 5 years. Cramebroolay is an emcee who focuses on the hip hop values of peace, love, unity and having fun. He embraces self love, intersectional unity, empathy, respect for women as equals, and enjoying life. Treating people like people and women as equals. 

Cramebroolay has been working on his debut album for the past 5 years. After much creative self discovery and growth, he presents a project centered around the concepts of adding to and appreciating already existing value in any given scenario. He was raised in a very conservative and religious upbringing, and this album serves as a love letter to embracing racial unity in the face of hatred and embracing his own path. He speaks on questioning preconceived notions about the world and belief itself, as well as climate change, empathy, self love and respect. Positivity and embracing life and all it has to offer, while straddling the line between discussing ideas and preaching, are a huge part of what makes ‘Keep It Colourful’ great. 

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