Marky Monday releases his children’s album “Adventures in Space”

Marky Monday (Mark William Pezzelato) Children’s Entertainer, YouTube host and author has just released his new album “Adventures in Space.”  “Adventures in Space” is a children’s rock musical, with songs like Zero Gravity transporting young audiences on a journey exploring the wonders of space and friendship building.  Marky Monday performs original music with positive messages of love, respect, creativity & diversity.   The popular children’s Artist is humbled by the comparison to Icons Fred Penner & Mr. Dress Up. 

Marky Monday’s love of space combined with messages to learn from is the bases for “Adventures in Space.” The Children’s Entertainer decided to bring outer space Anniversary, the first moon walk etc. to his audiences, (ages 3-10 years old) not only as achievements but as lessons to take from them.  The response has been overwhelming from both children and parents.  The popularity of Marky Monday’s themed shows, positive messages and rapport with his young audiences led to the creation of “The Marky Monday Show” seen on YouTube, Monday Mornings.  From learning to make French toast, science facts & finding your creative self the The Marky Monday Show” is a hit. 

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