Micah Freeman brings his “Walk The Line” visual

Baltimore-born, Atlanta-based artist and Awful Records affiliate Micah Freeman presents the Los Changos Dorados-produced music video for “Walk The Line”, the new single from Micah’s forthcoming EP I Wasn’t Born Yesterday. “Walk The Line” is produced by REO, the Grammy-award-winning beatsmith behind tracks like “I Am Sasha Fierce” for Beyoncé and Lil Wayne’s “Mirror” as well as cuts for Chris Brown and Bruno Mars. Freeman’s 2015 EP The Red featured Father on the title track (stream the music video via Complex). Matt Martians of The Internet says Freeman is “where R&B should be right now. It’s forward thinking with a soul.” Freeman says his new track is about “multiplicity, intersectionality, and identity itself, about navigating in-between worlds, like the stag in the video. I, like many others, have always been multi-dimensional, and that’s okay. Instead of boxing yourself in or clinging to some illusion of who you are, you can take the roles you play less seriously, whether you’re the killer or the healer.” I Wasn’t Born Yesterday will drop this fall on Freeman’s own Everpresent imprint.

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