Ignite Mindz brings his latest single “Chill”

The brand new single Chill, by Ignite Mindz and his wife Kayla Marie is inspired by an inside joke that Kayla and her father have, “let’s do it tomorrow.” It’s about how sometimes, “you’ll get to that, but you just may do whatever you want today.” It’s dedicated to those days of dropping everything in today’s fast paced rat race, and rehabilitating yourself by the pool or however you prefer to recharge your batteries.

Usually a keyboardist, the main instrument on this beat is a laid back, jazzy, almost Hawaiian guitar with a tremolo effect. It’s Ignite’s first time putting out a song that he played guitar on. It floats over hard drums from a lost 10 year old drum folder, and an 808 glide melody that is deep and satisfying at precisely the right parts. Fender Rhodes style electric piano comes in halfway through the verse.

Kayla Marie is a classically trained singer and her harmonies marry perfectly with the guitar on the chorus. They had to go for an extra long chorus as it just felt like 8 bars wasn’t enough for it. Ignite has a more melodic rap flow on this song, and the two verses share a similar rhyme scheme with throwback metaphors in the beginning, though it switches up at the perfect time in the 2nd verse. It was executive produced by their 2 month old baby, who had to be bounced around in the control room of the studio to be appeased. Kayla finished recording the chorus just in time to feed him on the studio couch. Stream it below now.

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