Taiyamo Denku recruits Casablanca and Mikey D for “The Spark”

Milwaukee to Dallas to New York these 3 emcees bring a spark to hip hop with bars and lyrics, they want you to pay attention. Ctm Films creates another movie for Denku and his collaborators. The Milwaukee native emcee starts the song off with a half chanted, half rapped hook then carries his signature delivery into his verse with witty lyrics and word play. The Dallas emcee reciprocates his lyrics to ya’ll , ski mask and strong presence after the chants of denkus hook finishes. Then the torch is handed off to Mikey D the legend MC from the group Main Source. Mikey D ends his punchline filled verse with a great closer assuring all that He is Hip Hop. The whole track is crafted by Australian producer Dcypha who certainly makes you feel the vibe and lyrics of each emcee. This song “The Spark” is featured on Taiyamo Denku’s latest album “The Book of CyphaDen”.

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