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Take A Trip To West Oakland With @Beejus’ New Visuals For “Player Way”

In an age where artists are almost forced to put on a facade for their audience, the self-described “Awkward Free Spirit,” Beejus’ honesty, humor, and talent shine through in a genuine way that is rare in today’s music industry. An Oakland underground legend of sorts, if you’re ever to find yourself at a Beejus show in The Town don’t get caught slipping not knowing the words to his classics such as “Too Much Slap,” and “Right Bounce.” As well as the Official Music Video for “Player Way” also be sure to hit play on the new visuals for “O-N” and “Slide” from the new project Beautiful available now on all digital streaming outlets!
Watch the Official Music Video for “Player Way” shot by Rob Driscal and hit follow on Beejus + Awkward Convos With Beejus on Spotify, Apple Music, and more! 

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