Erin Bowman delivers her debut album “Apartment 101”

Singer-songwriter, Erin Bowman, debut album, Apartment 101, is out nowThe singles “There You Go Again”  “Something To Say” are currently featured on Sirius XM.

‘2019 called for a new musical direction for Erin Bowman. After the success of her release “Good Time Good Life,” (a debut performance on Good Morning America, closing out the 2017 Radio Disney Music Awards, and placements including Target, Beaches Resort, Academy Awards(Oscar’s) promo, and countless others) Bowman found herself working on music with a slightly different sound. Recorded in London and scheduled to be released on November 1, 2019, ‘Apartment 101’ is a lyrically driven, wearing her heart on her sleeve 8 song debut EP. With a series of YouTube videos Bowman will give an intro video to each of the 8 songs from her very own apartment: Apartment 101.

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