Deva St. John comes from England with new single “The Information Age”

“The Information Age” is a sarcastic salute to the often oppressive nature of social media, and how it distracts and divides us as quickly as it informs and connects. Channelling the grit and bratty energy of spiritual forbears like Patti Smith, early PJ Harvey and Juliette and the Licks ‘The Information Age’ captures the claustrophobia of low self-esteem. In a world where our self-worth is being buffeted daily by a relentless barrage of content, the song examines the consequences of our internet addictions on our personal wellbeing. In the clash of its drums, the protean guitar lines and in Deva St. John’s angsty lo-fi vocals, she restores a sense of what it means to be human under the dehumanising glow of the LCD screens all around us. ‘The Information Age’ was recorded with Clem Cherry at London’s Eastcote Studios and mastered with John Davis at Metropolis.

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