ANTERLUZ drops off his new single “Boatload”

Anterluz’s single ‘Gold Wrist’ was premiered by Clinton Sparks on Dash Radio, and the record has had great reception since its release, most notably making it onto Spotify’s very own Editorial Playlists such as ‘Fresh Finds Fire Emoji’ and many others. Jim Jones also recorded a video riding around in his car listening to Anterluz’s single ‘Gold Wrist’ while giving it much praise. Anterluz definitely shows no sign of slowing his creative train. His latest single ‘Boatload’ (Produced by Toronto’s very own; DJ BLKLUOS) is the next one to fly high from his impressive new project titled ‘Loudest Amen’ (Released October 25th). This top shelf hip-hop artist is ready to storm the music industry with his bold and distinct voice, offering sharp vocal performances and crackling lyricism in sync with potent soundscapes with distinct textures and catchy melodies. Anterluz presents a sound that is decidedly hip-hop but unlike his artistic predecessors – unique, focused and pure all while being fun.

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