Stream C.Shreve The Professor’s new “GROWN” LP

GROWN is a collection of songs that Shreve says came about simply from trusting the creative process. Several of the songs allude to the idea of getting lost in the creative space (Gone, Minds Outta Order) or to finding the creative spark (What We Are) and bringing it to life.

“The album concept reflects the way each song came into being. The song idea would be the seed, then it just needed soil, water, and light. Nothing was forced. It was a very natural process of unfolding each concept. I didn’t go into it like I was planning to make an album called Grown–it was just me recognizing what I was doing and then kind of going with it.”

Grown finds the Professor oscillating from a very personal perspective where he is searching for meaning, providing life advice, and asking for help all the way to a full on MC persona where he can flex skills, make fun songs, and rap with the best of em. Some songs find both perspectives represented and/or the lines blurring, as Shreve has discovered himself to be both a very personable and professional MC. 

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