Ballad drops his short film “For, Lost Thoughts”

R&B newcomer, Ballad, is full of emotions in his latest video from his 2019 EP release, “For, Lost Thoughts”. The 13 minute film features Ballad reflecting on his life during a series of therapy sessions and chronicles his journey through growth. During the making of the project, Ballad spoke candidly about the vulnerability it took to make the film happen. 

I felt like I needed to release all these thoughts in my head and filming a therapy session helped me do just that. Everything about this project was therapeutic for me, and I’m happy the video could display the array of emotions I was feeling at the time.

The inspiration behind the visuals for the “For, Lost Thoughts” video was a heartfelt breakup that Ballad experienced. After the end of a roller-coaster relationship, Ballad decided to document his journey through healing. Through his visuals and vocals, Ballad shows his audience what it means to be broken and then to find yourself again.

The Boston-based singer is expected to release his next EP, “For, The Drive Home” early next year. While he prepares his next project, Ballad will continue to share his therapeutic journey with his fans in an upcoming screening of the short film for “For, Lost Thoughts”. This event will be held in Boston and will be a chance for Ballad and his fans to further the conversation on what it means to love and what it means to heal.

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