Jenny March Releases Official Video for “Rebound”

Pop act on the rise, Jenny March, has released the video for her powerful new single “Rebound” about honoring her self-respect over the love of any man. Earning notoriety for her infectious hooks, killer style, and honest lyrics, Jenny has debuted bop after bop of her original music that has amassed millions of streams and radio spins across the country. She penned the emotional and personal track about a love interest who she had her eye on for quite some time but couldn’t make her move because he was in a relationship. When the stars aligned for Jenny and this significant other to unite after his break up, she declined because she truly cared for him and wanted to be more to him than his “rebound.”

“After going through this experience, I knew I had to write a song about it. I wrote “Rebound” very quickly and I knew I was onto something that a lot of girls can relate to,” shares March. “I had really strong feelings for this friend for years but I couldn’t tell him. I know my worth and I’m not going to be anyone’s “Rebound.”

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