The G1ft delivers his “Not Xcited” EP

The seasons have changed and St. Louis’ GB The G1ft is ready for a hefty harvest season. The emcee isn’t holding anything back on his latest offering, Not Xcited EP, following up The G1ft’s iWasBored project released earlier this year. From first listen, his progression in under a year is what stands out. 

The Not Xcited EP is both a polarizing and well-rounded piece of art and a true expression of the message The G1ft upholds. Unlike the slew of rappers coming out today, GB is using his platform to show that hip hop can once again be forceful and compelling. The tone of the project is deep and layered, showcasing GB’s versatility and artistic influence, where we see an evident growth from his earlier release.

GB’s music constantly shares his thoughts on self determination and independence with the overlooked youth coming of age today and Not Xcited is another example of this. Not Xcited is now available to stream on all platforms. 

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