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Causin’ Effect! release new single “EXTORTION”

Vazy and Jibba make the hip hop duo Causin’ Effect! Songwriting diversity is what separates these artists from the others. Causin’ Effect tours New England frequently and they call Southern Vermont home. Well known for their hit single Redneck. We now bring you “EXTORTION” which is a brand new track! With your help we can get this song in front of the proper audience. Lets look at some facts… 
Redneck spent 10 weeks on the top 8 at 8 countdown on Z97.1(WZRT-FM Rutland VT), making it to number one for two of the weeks, as the most requested song for the radio station. Amassing 60,000+ streams across multiple platforms. 
The combination of genres within Causin’ Effects music combined with community outreach has allowed for a wide variety of demographics to be reached by the duo. From young children to more senior adults, Causin’ Effect is able to keep the whole family entertained with witty humor, solid musical performances and crowd engagement. 
Recently, with the addition of video sketch comedy (Bad Cool-Aid) to their resume, the pair has been able to add even more flavor to their live show’s recipe. Reaching into the hundreds of engaged fans per month via social media, live shows, video and streaming platforms.

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