MH The Verb returns with the visual for his latest single “Affirmations”

 Rapper, producer, and DJ  MH The Verb released “Affirmations“, the new anthem for positive vibes, to all digital streaming platforms last week (12/6/2019). Today animator Stephen Sues brings the song to life in the official music video, premiered by Northern Transmissions, using shots of motion and silhouettes from sci-fi action movies such as Tron and Black Panther.     

I started out by digging around some sci-fi action movies for shots with interesting motion and silhouettes, especially ones that evoked ‘Space Ninja’, so I could trace them frame by frame in Photoshop. Once I traced all the layers I wanted from the shot, I was playing around on After Effects just trying to find something cool I could do with these shapes in motion, that I just isolated from the rest of the original shot. Whenever possible, I look for a way to take the clip and make it into something that loops and feels seamless.”  – Stephen Sues

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