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Review: Rackgang Vante reflects on life with “Thru The Rain” EP

One thing that is certain about life is that you’ll go through some things if you keep living it. While some may appear to be better than others, no one truly has a life that is without challenges. What we do to overcome these challenges is a large part of what makes up our character. In Baton Rouge MC Rackgang Vante’s case he used his art as part of his coping mechanism.

“With my project ‘Thru The Rain’ I just wanted people to know my story so they can better understand my struggles. All the things I’ve had to overcome make up this project. I just tried to show my listeners growth and elevation as an artist and in life. I wanted to paint a real picture, so I can say my aim was was to show my people real music still exists.”

“Decisions” kicks off the project in a very reflective manner. On it Rackgang Vante looks back at some of the obstacles he’s had to overcome. He does this while also taking full responsibility for his actions. Often times we can put the blame on others when things aren’t going our way but Vante does just the opposite here. The track is very vivid too as he is specific in what he has dealt with in trying to find trust, success, death and every other aspect of life. Cam Chords handles a heavy bulk of the production and turns in a piano-key driven selection that makes this introductory record perfect to set the tone.

Cham Chords is on production duty again as we reach track 2, “Rags II Riches”. The spirit of the struggle exists on this record as with the previous one, but it’s presented differently. This one is more palatable for the general listen who may not be in a reflective mood. In essence he combines lyrical introspective with a high energy hook that can still get play on the block or in the whip.

We all know that success breeds haters and naysayers. It’s in that frame of mind that Rackgang Vante approaches the third track on “Thru The Rain”. The topic itself is necessarily innovative, with Vante basically letting it be known to stay down or regret it later. That being said it’s still a well-made track that is worthy of a few replays.

“Reminisce” captures Rackgang Vante trading bars with the first of two featured artists, ATG. The song is a look back at some of the pitfalls trapping has brought into their worlds. Absentee fathers are also a focus and how important that guidance can be. Vante really has a knack for packing content into tracks that could be easily considered simple turn up tracks to an ear that isn’t listening actively. I like that about him.

We begin to wind down the project as we reach “Heartache & Passion”. Here we get Rackgang Vante in full loner mode as he drops rhymes about the things that both cause him heartache and what keeps him passionate on the chase for more. This is arguably the best entry on “Thru The Rain” simply for the official content. No bar gets wasted here as he gets the load off of his chest. The flow is also strong here.

On an album that sounds like a testimonial session it’s fitting for one track to be titled “Pastor”. DaLovely is featured and adds a needed dynamic with her melodic hook. It lays the path for Rackgang Vante to let go of some rapid fire rhymes. He shows that he can weave into different styles with ease and forms another personal standout of mine.

“Thru The Rain” closes out with it’s title-track and it’s a perfect fit in the tracklist. The overall vibe of the song contains a certain level of hope that isnt always present on the project. It’s a reminder that no matter how low life can be you can always overcome it if you just keep pushing forward.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed what Rackgang Vante brought to the table on “Thru The Rain”. The project is a cohesive body of work that showcases a fully developed idea. He takes the time to talk about specific instances from his past and what he had to do to get through…well, the rain. Sonically the production flows well from top to bottom as Cam Chords sets the tone with GT and Mook The Producer also coming strong. It’s one of the best indie projects I’ve heard in a slower year that is 2019. If you want something that isn’t overtly preachy or judgemental yet brings a strong message play “Thru The Rain” now.

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