Phi11a & Jimmy Duval shake things up with new “Sad Cowboy Shit” mixtape

Phi11a & Jimmy Duval join forces and create a refreshing new outlook on the hip-hop scene with their new mixtape: ‘Sad Cowboy Shit.’ This four-song collection blends genres across the board to produce a unique hip-hop fusion that will set the world on fire! Phi11a proves he’s a solid songwriter with an uncanny flow. The way he lays it down over Duval’s infectious beats is authentically natural. This collaborative effort is destined for success. ‘Sad Cowboy Shit’ comes as follow up to Phi11a’s debut single, ‘Overdose’ – a furious introduction to the hip-hop scene and was produced by Atlanta producer, Supah Mario, who has previously worked with the likes of Drake and Young Thug. The debut has now gone on to reach 150k streams locally, receive support from the likes of Triple J, FBi Radio and even be given a shouts by the likes of D12 and DMX.

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