Michelle Kash Shines on “Personal Jesus” Cover

Singer-songwriter Michelle Kash has released her moody, sultry cover of Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus” along with a cinematic video that serves as an artful peek into Michelle’s world. With a smoky, soulful delivery and a personal style somewhere between Debbie Harry and Old Hollywood pinup, Michelle’s seductive, fiery take on alternative pop is equally evocative and empowering in its confidence and charisma. In between echoes of swelling synths, her voice tows the line between a coy croon and a commanding chant on “Personal Jesus,painting her as a 21st century temptress. The single is released via Love Animal Records, a Los Angeles based indie music label built by artists, for artists and is distributed by Ingrooves worldwide.

“When I sing ‘Personal Jesus,’ I have a vision of a sexual savior within myself or that I look for in others,” she explains. “It’s gritty and shadowy like an after-hours party. I hadn’t seen a woman cover the song, which added a different dimension. It paves the way for where I want to go musically,” shares Michelle.

“Personal Jesus” follows Michelle’s two previously release singles – “Smoking Gun,” a mesmerizing track about succumbing to the irresistible temptation of a toxic lover. Her follow up single, “Hurt Me” examines the difficulty of staying happy in a relationship without passion from a partner.

Inspired by everyone from Aretha Franklin, Joan Jett, Patti Smith, and Jefferson Airplane’s Grace Slick to Fiona Apple, Cat Power, Portishead, and Florence + the Machine, Michelle grew up playing guitar and piano and writing poetry of her own and was surrounded by art and creativity during her globe-trotting childhood. Finding solace in spirituality, Michelle began going on meditation retreats, and it was during a retreat in Utah when she discovered her singing voice while meditating and her purpose became clear. Michelle started performing in her hometown of New York City before moving to Los Angeles where she performs at venues across the city. In addition to her music, Michelle has had a lifelong commitment to philanthropy and advocating for gender equality, female empowerment and is a fierce fighter for animal rights. Stay tuned for a lot more to come from Michelle this year!

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