Mint brings a message of climate control on “Goodbye Beautiful”

On ‘Goodbye Beautiful’ frontman Zak has written a song that encapsulates the diverse issues his generation faces. Memories of hearing ‘Bella Ciao’ sung by the sole Italian family in his area inspired him to write a song to voice the resentments, fears and concerns of the young over the environment and their future, as well as wider issues such as racism, animal cruelty and societal division. In three and a half minutes, Mint channel the broad scope of the song into a high-octane imperial march towards certain doom. Guitars careen through the mix mounting to an explosive and unforgettable chorus. It is a powerful statement of intent from a group who see the emotional resonance of music as a potential platform for uniting people. The accompanying video is compiled from footage taken by a friend of the band on his travels, interspersed with suggestive images: icebergs, waste, oil spillage, animal suffering and protesters clamouring for revolution. As they were developing the idea, the group reached out online and contacted organisations, bloggers and social media. “It was an amazing response and took us by surprise” confirms Sam (Veggie). “Most people were delighted to be involved and all added thanks and support.”  “We’re hoping that we will touch upon people enough to make them think” Zak adds. “We hope that it will inspire them to do their bit”. Fans of the song can expect a raw honky tonk acoustic version forthcoming too.

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