Listen To ReadyRockDee’s Fire New Album “Live From The Corner” | @ReadyRockDee

Founding Member of the Hip Hop collective Rowdy City. ReadyRockDee embodies the true emcee in its purest form. Exuding authenticity, originally, & street presence. The stage is his sanctuary and he captivates audiences worldwide with clever lyricism and creative choruses. “Live From The Corner” is considered to be ReadyRockDee’s debut independent album with all original production. Street hip hop and real street life experiences shape his music. Some of stand out songs from the album are: “Smoke On Site”, “Live From The Corner” and “Boom Shakalaka”. ReadyRockDee and his crew Rowdy City have made a name for themselves on the underground hip hop scene with an extensive tour schedule that travels across multiple countries. Be on the lookout for ReadyRockDee for 2020 and beyond! 

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